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Looking for best Report Option: Help With Sub-Summaries

Question asked by James_L on Aug 14, 2013
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Looking for best Report Option: Help With Sub-Summaries


     My parent table is called "Abstracts."   It links through a join table to multiple records called "COB Records." 

     In a report of Abstract Table (which includes several other child tables that are playing nicely), I'm running into this problem:

     Sometimes a calculated field in the COB child table called "signatories" is absolutely huge.  One record contains twenty records, another just one.

     If I present the child records from COB as a portal, I cannot resize the containers.   I've mastered using portals with large numbers of records and shrinking the portals themselves, but the "signatories" field must be huge to accomodate the bigger lists, resulting in lots of white space for the smaller lists. 

     If I were to use a sub-summary, I should be able to shrink the field to size, right?  If so, that would solve my problem.  But using a sub-summary report is creating huge headaches as well.  I get unexpected results, such as a single record returned or records that are not related to the Abstract parent table record I want to report on.  I feel like an idiot, but even using the wizard doesn't present the data as I need to present it: theoretically I should be able to sort by "Abstract" record, and see a nice list of "COB" records below it, but that's definitely not happening.

     Any help on the best method here would be appreciated.