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    Looking for Chart Tutorial



      Looking for Chart Tutorial


           I'm looking at how to do a chart/pie graph from scratch based on the data I currently have in my database. Does Filemaker have one via online or website showing the steps to create a pie graph? Or does anyone have simple steps using the chart tool when in layout mode to create a graph and/or pie chart? Thanks.

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               If you'd like help here in the forum, I suggest describing how your data is set up in its table and what you want to see in that pie chart. How your data is organized into a table will make the chart very simple or very complex to do.

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                 Thank you for your post.

                 Please see Knowledge Base Article #10227 and download the "Introduction to FileMaker 12 Charting.pdf" file attachment from that article:


                 This should give you a good starting point.

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                   I have a database where we log the requests we get for data. I've attached an image of the fields that I have. Basically, looking to do a pie graph of the percentage of how many requests are for square footage, attributes, misc, etc. I'm thinking it would be based of the category field for now, but I may need to add another graph possibly based on the percentage of how many of these were completed by certain staff members. For example, Ann completed 35%, while Sarah completed 65% out of how many requests at the time the pie chart is created. We would need to create/use on select basis' such as monthly,  quarterly, yearly, etc. Hope this helps in what I'm trying to use this for. If I can get an idea on how to create off the fields I have, I'm hoping to play around with it, in case other charts are needed based on other information in this database. Thanks for your help.

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                     As a tutorial type exercise, let's stick with the first chart: You want a pie chart where the values in Category label the wedges and the number of records in each category determine the size of the wedges. I am assuming that you are using FileMaker 12 or 13:

                1.           Define a summary field as the "count of" the category field. (actually, any field that is never empty will produce the same count)
                3.           Enter Layout mode on a layout based on the above table. Use the chart tool to draw a rectangle about the size and location where you want the chart on your layout.
                5.           Select "Pie" from the type drop down.
                7.           Click the button with three dots to the right of the "category labels" box. Select the Specify Field option and select your category field.
                9.           Click the same button for slice data and select the summary field
                11.           Select the other options as you like, feel free to experiment to get the look you are best satisfied with.
                13.           Click the Data Source section header to open it and make sure that "current Found set" and "Summarized groups of Records" are selected.
                15.           You can open the styles section and play with the options here as you wish, but any of the style options that you select should not keep the chart from working.
                17.           Finally, return to Browse mode and make sure to sort your records by Category. You can chart all or just some of the data in your table by controlloing what records make up your found set. You can perform a find, for example for a Request Date that falls in a specific date range to chart just the data for that time period. But always sort your records by category or the chart will not correctly display the needed data.