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Looking for database ideas

Question asked by BayArea123 on Dec 4, 2009
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Looking for database ideas


This isn't really a technical question, more of a advice question


I work in a research greenhouse and have been put in charge of putting together a database showing germination rates of different types of seed.  At a basic level I need to record seed name, soil media it was planted in, amount planted, amount germinated, and a date.  Thats basically it.


I think it would be cool to step outside the box a little and make the database more informative.  Can you think of anything I could add, or expand on, different layouts, pictures/containers, web material etc etc that would make this a more informative DB than just raw germination numbers?  I wanted to ask you guys (who work with databases a lot) rather than my coworkers, to get a different perspective


Ideas are welcome, thanks