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Looking for guidance on scripting

Question asked by JohnTennock on Mar 18, 2013
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Looking for guidance on scripting


     My first FileMaker Pro project is coming along well. I have never really mastered scripting and need to use a simple script now. I would appreciate some help getting me 'over the hump' please.

     I have set the database up with a 'seleted' field so that users can browse a list of records and tick a checkbox to select the records thay would like to include in the next step (i.e. printing a report). The 'Selected' field is simply  a Checkbox Set with a value list with just one value - 'Selected'.

     That all works fine but obviously, after the report is printed, I need the user to be able to clear the entries in the 'Selected' field. I have been trying to write a script to do this but I am obviously missing the point because whatever I do has absolutely no effect when I run the script.

     THanks in anticipation...