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Looking for multi device suggestion.

Question asked by petek157 on May 27, 2011
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Looking for multi device suggestion.


Here is the situation.  I am designing a job / financial management database program for my Dads very small construction company. I have two questions (right now that is);

1.) I have the core of the program built.  What is best way once he is using the core to add new items/features (payroll inventory etc.) to what he already has without disturbing what he has already done on the core (entered customers, jobs and contracts etc)?

2.) He is running this construction program on his Mac, iPad and iPhone.  He uses them randomly depending on what he is doing at the time (iPhone to create job material invoices, iPad to sign contracts, Mac to manage financials). What is the best way to keep everything current or in sync on the go? All of these things can happen on the fly. From my research here are some of the problems that I have found.  We live in a spotty at best cell area.  When we do have cell service it is at best the Edge network. Lots of the work that he does has no service at all.  The iPad isnt the 3G model so any sync to or from the iPad that takes place has to take place in a wifi area.

     I do realize that I can sync through itunes, but as he may use all three products in different locations throughout the day this option really isnt feasible.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve these tasks would be greatly apreciated.  I look forward to the discussion.