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Looking for selective import script

Question asked by WalterVMorsan on Apr 4, 2011
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Looking for selective import script



I need to selectively import a sizable number of names and addresses  from an Excel spreadsheet into our company contact database, which is in  Filemaker.
Some names and addresses already exist in the database, others do not.

The proposed methodology is to convert/import the Excel document into  Filemaker, and then do the import using a script. Since my scripting  expertise in Filemaker is somewhat limited, I'm hoping someone has or  could develop a script that would do the following:

Given a record in the source database (the converted Excel spreadsheet),
1) copy the "LastName, FirstName"
2) go to the target database -- the company contacts
3) perform a find using the copied data ("LastName, FirstName") on an analogous calculated field
4) If there is a match, show result "Contact already exists", while  displaying found record(s) to allow visual verification of address  details
5) If there is no match, show result "No contact found. Import record"  and import matching fields from source database to target database,  again, displaying imported record for visual verification by operator.

This will be an ongoing process that will need to be repeated from time to time as new contacts accumulate in Excel.

I would be grateful for a response. Also, if there's a different way to accomplish this, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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