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    looking for sheet (not recorded) music library template



      looking for sheet (not recorded) music library template


      Searched the Internet, and this forum in particular, and I can't find a template that works for a band/orchestra/chorus sheet music library.  The closest templates that come with the program-- Lending Library and Document Library-- aren't quite right.  Anyone have any leads on this?


      (I'm using FileMaker 8.5 for Mac, btw.)


      --  Warren B.

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               Hi Warren

               i made one of those,... Started back in fm4.something

               it is a relational database with songs... Chords constructed and song chords for guitarist to keep tab crd and lyr data in it so I have a really good reference for the band . I include bass tabs and some drum tabs so the data is there for us all!

               having the lyrics with pictures of chord shapess is the really great feature of this database!

               it uses a chord font that I found on the Internet that let's you build chords!

               i also have a couple of display pages to put the info in different ways... And one is done to give just lyrics and chords making a reference  singing and playing

               i haven't been able to access it lately because my Mac tower is down...

               im also not sure if it would work with bento... I'd really like it to get it with bento  because then I'd have a copy of the songs on the stage with me (ipad) without printing it into a book!