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    Looking for some brain storming



      Looking for some brain storming


      I have modified the invoice template to work for my gym, essentially Invoice is a workout, and products are Exercises. The problem we're running into right now is that many Exercises (products) have variations. Right now we have every variation as a seperate exercise, this has become very time consuming to input (through iPad). I'm just wondering if anybody has come across this problem before and found a solution. I was thinking of having a "ProductID" as a two part number. For example;

      Pushup; ProductID = 100.0
      Clap Pushups; ProductID = 100.1

      Currently it would look like this;

      Pushup; ProductID = 100
      Clap Pushups; ProductID = 101 

      The other advantage I see to the proposed numbering is I can do reports on the first part of the number. Something like show volume of 100.x exercises. 

      I was also thinking possibly having a different segment for every modifier of the exercise, for example;

      Pushups = 100.0.0
      Clap Pushups = 100.1.0
      Swiss Clap Pushups = 100.1.1

      Any input on this idea would be greatly appreciated. Also I will need to convert my current Database to this system if I go through with it... please advise,



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          It seems like you will be requiring your users to set up and learn a "secret code" for specifying excersizes. In the above example, the user has to learn what each part of the number represents.

          Wouldn't it be more user friendly to set up a conditional value list where the exercises are grouped by category?

          In such case, you might select "Pushup" in the category field's value list and then the value list for specifying the specific exercize only lists type of pushups. You could use such a category field for grouping your data for reports much like you have thought of doing with the first part of the number. You can also set up a drop down list or a selection portal where entering a few letters filters the list down to just those items that start with (portal or drop down) or contain (portal only) the text entered. With the above 3 exercises you might rename like this so that a "Starts with" scheme is more effective:

          Pushups Clap
          Pushups Clap Swiss

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            Brain Storming... mine are really slight drizzlesSmile

            You might add a field that is client specific to adjust the quantity and time for the exersize.

            Clients type might be...

            A) Special Needs (theraputic or special focus)

            B) Beginner

            C) Maintenance

            D) Toning

            E) Building

            F) Limited Time for Gym

            Then ....

            You could build a workout specific for each client with repetitions and time to complete.


            You might want a client to track his progress versus effort and discipline to give him feed back.



            PS: you may not want to understake this to begin but thinking it out so you can expand and grow without a major rewrite is easier.