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Looking for some brain storming

Question asked by JasonPenner on Jul 30, 2012
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Looking for some brain storming


I have modified the invoice template to work for my gym, essentially Invoice is a workout, and products are Exercises. The problem we're running into right now is that many Exercises (products) have variations. Right now we have every variation as a seperate exercise, this has become very time consuming to input (through iPad). I'm just wondering if anybody has come across this problem before and found a solution. I was thinking of having a "ProductID" as a two part number. For example;

Pushup; ProductID = 100.0
Clap Pushups; ProductID = 100.1

Currently it would look like this;

Pushup; ProductID = 100
Clap Pushups; ProductID = 101 

The other advantage I see to the proposed numbering is I can do reports on the first part of the number. Something like show volume of 100.x exercises. 

I was also thinking possibly having a different segment for every modifier of the exercise, for example;

Pushups = 100.0.0
Clap Pushups = 100.1.0
Swiss Clap Pushups = 100.1.1

Any input on this idea would be greatly appreciated. Also I will need to convert my current Database to this system if I go through with it... please advise,