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Looking for thoughts/ideas/suggestions regarding container fields ....

Question asked by CarrieB. on Jun 9, 2010
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Looking for thoughts/ideas/suggestions regarding container fields ....


I'm not sure if it is totally appropriate to use this forum to ask for help in brainstorming ideas, but here goes anyway ....


So, I am looking to utilize FileMaker to create access to files over my network. I'm having a little difficulty trying to decide the best way to go about it to make it the most efficient and easiest and most secure. Basically, I want my users to see the forms they have access to, then click on them to get them to open up a new file. My first thought was to create Word .dot files and then point the container to the file, so that when the user double clicks the container field, a new file opens up. The downside to this is that the user has to have the shared drive mounted on their machine. (We use Macs, by the way). Not that I can't make it so the share drive gets mounted easily, but I'm not sure I like this method the best. I could choose the container to hold the file instead of pointing to it (to avoid the mounted shared drive issue), but then the user can't double-click the field and have a new file open. Now they have to export the field contents, which means they have to save the file first. Then I lose the capability of forcing the double-click on the .dot Word file, which creates a new file. I like this better because my file stays protected, while the user opens a new file. Now they can choose to work in it and not save the file, if they so choose. 


Hmmmm .... this is just the beginning of my thoughts on this .... I keep going round and round it in my head. :)


Thanks in advance to any who have advice on this!