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    Looking up a single line from a portal



      Looking up a single line from a portal


      Hi all,

      We are a small screen printer with many products.  Are products are sold with quantity price breaks.  Ex:  50 pcs. @ $3.00, 100 pcs. @ $2.85, etc.  I currently store my pricing price brakes in a portal.  My question is:  When I go to input info into an invoice can I lookup just the single line in the portal that corresponds to the purchase quantity on the invoice?  If not what is the preferred way to handle this.  The examples I have viewed on the web deal with fixed prices for an item with no quantity price breaks.

      Any help would be appreciated.



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          You can include inequalities in a relationship and thus set up a lookup process that looks up values based on a range of values instead of just a specific value or you can define several pricing fields with the break quantities and define a calculation field that selects the appropriate unit price for computing the line item cost.

          Using the second option:

          Your Price table for a left handed widget might look like this:

          ItemID       Description     UnitPrice1   Break1  UnitPrice2   Break 2  UnitPrice3
          123       Left H Widget        3.50           50         3.00           100          2.85

          Your Line Items table would have the same fields set to use looked up value options to copy all these data. Then, your item cost calculation would look like this:

          Qty * Case ( Qty < Break1 ; UnitPrice1 ; Qty < Break2 ; UnitPrice2 ; UnitPrice3 )

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            Thanks for the input.  I wasn't sure how to tackle this.

            Once I get a chance I think I will implement option 2.

            Thanks again for the quick response.