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    Looking up keys



      Looking up keys


      I'm almost there :-D The global fields will do what I need for temporary data entry storage. Just one final (I hope) question. I need to do a lookup with the following format:


      book::work number = work::work number WHERE book::author&title = work::author&title


      The book and work tables are related by the work number. 


      The Lookup function doesn't seem to have this functionality. This is a type of syntax that I'll need to use throughout the application. (Easy in SQL...)


      Is there some way to do this? 


      Thanks a million!



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          Jens Teich
             FileMaker 'thinks' a little different from SQL.

          First question is always context. The context is defined by the active layout. It is connected with a specific table occurrence (box in relationship graph).

          From this context ('point of view') you look into the world and see other connected table occurrences (TO's). SQL views (sort of) are constructed as 'data paths' along a chain of TO's.

          If your context is BOOKS and you want to see all WORKS with the same work number you connect the TO's via field work number and you can show the result in a portal. If you want to see at the same time all WORKS with the same work number AND author name (*) then you double the TO of WORK and connect BOOKS and WORK2(**) via work number AND author name.

          A second portal now can show the result simultaniously.

          (*) It would be much better to compare ID_Author than author name of course

          (**) Choose a more descriptive name instead of WORK2