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Lookup a value from a range of values

Question asked by piloo on Apr 12, 2010
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Lookup a value from a range of values


I have an IP number for which I require the corresponding Country. I have a lookup table of IP(number) ranges corresponding to the allocated country in one table. That is 3 fields; Number from:Number to:country. For example:



50331648:69956103:UNITED STATES



....and so on for 105208 records (number ranges).


If , for example I wish to find the Country corresponding to 50331649 the query should tell me it is UNITED STATES. 69955023 would be BERMUDA.


Prior to FM7 there is a documented way to do a lookup which has since changed and now lookups require a relationship. I last did any serious work in FM6 all those years ago and now with post FM7 I'm completely lost!


Can anyone shed light on how to go about this?