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Lookup Based on an If

Question asked by ClariceSmith on Feb 9, 2013
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Lookup Based on an If




     I am fairly new to relationships and look up fields so this may be a simple question that I am just yet to find the answer to..

     Basically, the two tables in questions are 'Contact Details' and 'Jobs'. If a new job is created, I have already set up the look up fields that once the company name is selected it automatically looks ups and sets the title, first name and surname fields.

     Now the query is about the address field.. Within the contact details, the billing address is saved. Within the new job layout I have added a checkbox, 'delivery address same as billing address', and now need the job address field to say 'if checkbox is ticked, look up the value of billing address within the contact details table'.

     Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!!