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    Lookup Confusion



      Lookup Confusion


      Is it possible to use a Lookup to to copy data from a field in the same Table?


      I have a calculation field that i need to copy so that the result will remain as a permanent entry, and i think a Lookup is the way to go, but i must be missing something fundamental because no matter what i try, the data from the calculation is not appearing in the lookup field.


      Can someone tell me an idiots guide to making a simple lookup please?




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          You need a unique CodeField and a field that will relate to the code field .. ex Code_Lookup


          Relationship = Code_LU  //you name it this at creation of the relationship

          YourTable::CodeField to YourTable::CodeLookup


          The field where you want the data from the calculation field is defined as a lookup using the Code_LU

          copying CodeField


          When you enter a code into the CodeField the Calculation data is entered into the filed you have defined as a lookup.


          Lookup can be dangerous because user Z comes along and accidently change code from 11 to 111 and Bam! the data changes.



          Another way is to define as a text field with a calculated value (calculation_Field) with the option Do Not Replace existing value option turned off. As the calculation changes , so does the text field.