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Lookup data randomly not autofilling

Question asked by marketg on Aug 10, 2015
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Lookup data randomly not autofilling


We moved from FM 10 to FM 13 here back in January. Recently we just became aware of lookup fields randomly not filling in and can not figure out what the commonality is. Here is what we have in place.

Invoice system file with a portal to an Invoice Items file. When starting the Invoice, it does a look up from a Customer file we have (and that works just fine). One you start filling in the Invoice Items in the portal, the Invoice Items file has various look up fields to auto fill in Phone Number, Company Name, Customer Name... and some others. Randomly for no reason we can figure out, some Invoice Items Records are missing all the related Look Up field data for that particular Invoice. I'd say it happens 1 in every 10 if I had to give a number of times it happens.

Any thoughts as to why this is occurring?