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Lookup drop down or popup new window layout list

Question asked by MarlenMadsen on Mar 16, 2011
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Lookup drop down or popup new window layout list



I'm new to FM but not to relational Database former experiance has been Clarion. 

I'm Creating a DB simular to the included invoice app but would like to know if it is practical to use a Product name (text field) as my primary Key ID rather than product_ID, as it won't be at all practical to try to remember ID's with a product table of 3000 records, better yet would like to open an other window list to select the product to link with the invoice item line portal. 

My question is can you create a file relation using text fields rather than num fields and work? I find it odd that I can't limit the size of the text fields to better define the link.

Has any body have an example app of performing a look up using a second window and how I can trigger it from the portal line and then select item, close lookup window, and add record with related data to the portal.