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Lookup entry between related databases

Question asked by acrobat_1 on Jan 12, 2010
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Lookup entry between related databases


Dear all,


I have two databases that are related by one field.  One of the databases in automatically populated by XML data.  I need to move data from entries in that database into the second database in related fields.  These fields have the same name as the fields in the XML populated database.  I am unsure of the syntax for doing this.  I was planning to do a loop in the second database with:


Go to Layout [second database]

Show All Records

Go to Record/Request/Page[first]


  Set Field [second database::value A; Lookup (first database::value A)]

  Go to Record/Request/Page[Next; Exit after last]

End Loop


The above does not work and I guess I am not using the Lookup command correctly.  Any wisdom?