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Lookup for value and use the validity date

Question asked by HenkHoogerbrug on Nov 13, 2013
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Lookup for value and use the validity date


     I'm new to this forum and to FM Pro and looking for a solution for the following:

     I want to enter something in table 1:
Unique_ID1 | LookupCode | Date             | Automatic value
     00000001    | 01                | 20-10-2013 | <formula>


     The formula should pickup a the right value from table 2 (the Unique_Id2 is a combination of LookupCode from table 2 and the ValidTo_date (If I don't concatenate these fields I have no unique field in this table).

Unique_ID2 | LookupCode | ValidTo_date | Value
     0120102012 | 01               | 20-10-2012   | NotValidValue
     0120102014 | 01               | 20-10-2014   | ValidValue


     The formula in table 1 should get the ValidValue from table 2, but how do I define this formula? I am trying to solve this in the table-field definition I don't want to do this for every single layout.
     Is it possible with a formula?
     Do I have to concatenate the fields LookupCode and ValidTo_date in table 2? Or is that not necessary?