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Lookup foreign key after data import

Question asked by JillianDunic on Aug 8, 2012
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Lookup foreign key after data import


I have two tables. One contains the names of species (Taxonomy Table), the other contains a list of information about length and weight calculations (Length.Weight Table).

In my Taxonomy table I have imported all of the information, so species names and codes. In my Length.Weight table I have also imported all of the information. Now I am trying to fill in my Taxonomy::fk_LengthWeightID with the LengthWeight::pk_LengthWeightID values that correspond to each species.

I have tried adding a second column of Taxonomy::SpeciesCode2 and then do a calculated replace to fill it in with the fk_LengthWeightID but that just gave me blanks in that field for all of the records.

I have also tried to set up lookups and then ‘relookup’ but for the fk_LengthWeightID but I just get blanks.

My current relationships are

Length.Weight::pk_LengthWeightID = Taxonomy::fk_LengthWeightID

Length.Weight2::SpeciesCode = Taxonomy::SpeciesCode

So far I have been able to do these lookups upon import but now that I am trying to match up these two tables that already have data in them I’m a bit confused.


Using: FileMakerPro 12