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Lookup from online data source

Question asked by wf672 on Jan 16, 2009
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Lookup from online data source


My wife uses a FMP inventory DB that I created a few years ago, for her small bookstore. We currently use FMP 9 for the Mac.


It would be helpful to be able to use a barcode scanner to scan in the ISBN from a book, and then obtain its Title, author, price, etc from online data sources, such as Amazon. There are a few examples of shareware programs that do just that, such as Delicious Library. I think there are even some freeware programs that do it. But I haven't seen any FMP solutions that claim to be able to.


Does anyone know if this would be possible from within FMP?  Would it be a lookup to an online database?


I could use another program such as Delicious Library, and import its output into FMP, but it would be simpler to have it occur within FMP.