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Lookup multiple contacts in 1 record

Question asked by JerryAPowers on Nov 24, 2009
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Lookup multiple contacts in 1 record


I have a db in which I want to be able to select up to 2 different Lenders from the Lender table.  When I had just 1 Lender information lookup in the record it worked perfectly.  However, when I realized that I needed to have the option of having up to 2 different lenders I hit a roadblock.


I modified the relationship between the primary file and the Lender file to include Lender 1 and Lender 2 both linked to Lender Company in the Lender table.  Now I can't seem to get either lookup to work properly after I've selected the lender.  I would think that there is a way to solve this but I can't seem to find out what I need to do.  Can someone please direct me to the solution?


Thank you!