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Lookup next - related files

Question asked by LelandNye on Feb 6, 2013
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Lookup next - related files



     I need to look up a billing rate from a related file.  My database has four tables, customer, job, timesheets and rates.  The job and rate tables are related to the customer file by a customer#.  The timesheets and job tables are related by a contract number.  The rate file has three fields; customer#, date, and rate.  Different customers have different rates and the rates change at different times for different customers.  Each time there is a rate change, a new record is written for each field. 


     I need to look up the most current rate each time a new record is written to the timesheet file.  I am trying to get the rate by the following path

     timesheets -> job -> customer -> rate


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.