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    Lookup not looking up...?



      Lookup not looking up...?


      I have two tables  joined on a common field.  (Serial 1 in Table 1= Serial 2 in Table 2)

      When I change from one layout based on Table 1 to Table 2, I want to copy the Value of Serial 1 from Table 1 into the field Serial 2 in Table 2.

      When I manually put the number in, then the other fields pop right in with the right values copied from Table 1. (Yes)

      What I can't do is automate putting the value from Table 1 into Table 2...  I've tried Lookup and Calculated Value... and automatic data entry...

      Rather lost...  thanks for any help...

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          You'd need to use a script that puts this number in a "bucket" and carries it to you other layout in order to enter it into a field on the other layout. That "bucket" can be a global field, a variable or a script parameter.

          Here's a variable based example:

          Set Variable [$Serial ; Value: Table 1::Serial 1]
          Go To Layout ["Table 2" (Table 2 )]
          Set Field [Table 2::Serial 2 ; $Serial ]

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                 I've been having this problem as well.  I relate two tables in a database and when entering new data, I have a dropdown that connects the two related values.  After that I have lookups that are supposed to copy other field information into the same layout.  It usually doesn't work - and it is frustrating!!!!

                 I have tried just about everything I can think of (and just tried the suggestion above to no avail).  I have found if I play around that SOMETIMES the information copies (if I hit one record) sometimes it doesn't.  If I change records, it doesn't update.  This should be basic to a relational database and it just isn't happening.  

                 The example - 

                 - Import records that have a unique serial number for each record (a 7 digit number no extra coding).  These records have probably 10 or 12 fields in which one is the name of the person who wrote the activity and another is the title of the activity.

                 - Create a second table - and enter it by a dropdown menu for the 7 digit serial (that works fine through a value list defined by the serial number in the first table); Lookup (a text field) the name of the person and the title of the activity (another text field).

                 I create a record in this second table and I can pick serial numbers at random from the dropdown list.  

                     - Most of the time I come up empty with the other two values.  

                     - Once in a while the values will fill in (so far always together).

                     - If I continue picking other random values on the drop down, the other two variables do not reflect the change of serial number.

                 What is going on here?!!!!