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Lookup not working

Question asked by milky on Dec 8, 2008
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Lookup not working


I have 2 tables: Venues and Bridal Party they are linked via the field IDVenue.


 On the Layout called Bridal Party, I dragged the field – Venues::IDVenue.


 I then set the format to a pop up list that was called Venue List.


 This list was set as follows:


Use values from first field:                          Also use values from second field:

Venues:                                                   Venues:

NameOfVenue                                         IDVenue


Include all values                                        Sort by first field.


Then back on the Bridal Party layout  I set the VenueName, VenueAddress, VenueSuburb, VenueState, VenuePostcode to be Lookups as follows:


Starting with table:                Bridal Party

Lookup from related table:   Venues


Copy value from field:          ::NameOfVenue                If not an exact match do not copy.






Don't copy contents if empty. 


For each of the feilds. 


When I try and click the IDVenue field – nothing happens.  What am I doing wrong???