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Lookup Not Working

Question asked by philtrumcorp on May 22, 2012
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Lookup Not Working


working on fmpro11 on terminal. server is running fmpro server 11. all macs running lion.

i cannot get a lookup to work. 

Basically, in one table i have field 'product_ID" (where product id's originate) and in another table I have the same field 'product_ID' that is a lookup to the original table. 

the lookup in the second table returns nothing despite trying to change every conceievable lookup parameter. 

In other words, if i put original 'product_id' and the lookup 'product_id next to eachother in a layout, the looked up product iD in the layout is blank. 

Then i discovered that if i started typing what the lookup was supposed to produce, the remainder of the content of the lookup field popped upt. So if the data in the original 'product id' field was ABC123, the lookup product id field would be blank... unless i go into the layout and type "A" in the lookup field. Then if i tab out of the field the rest of the data "ABC123" pops up.

I have included screen shots of what i hope are all relevant factors... as far as the lookup, there are some other details not shown, but i will include here... the validation tab for the lookup product id field for "Validate date in this field" shows that the "Only during data entry" button is indicated and the "Allow user to override during data entry" is checked. the storage tab has the Indexing marked at "all"