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Lookup of Price

Question asked by csipesri on Dec 3, 2009
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Lookup of Price


Running FMP 10.0 on XP machine. I have an order database and a products database. Order form has 32 repitions. enter the product number and it properly looks up to the products file on everything but price. I want the price field to get a particular repitition of the 5 repititions of price in the Product database based on the type of customer. I am using a autoenter data calculation that says GetRepetition( PRODUCTS::Price; (GET PRICE REP NUMBER REP FIELDS)). Its works perfectly on repetition 1 in the order file but then simply copies every other rep with the same value and does not give the correct new value for other fields. Any other way to accomplish this and still have the price so that it can be overridden in gthe order sheet?