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Lookup or Portal?

Question asked by daverd on Nov 23, 2012
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Lookup or Portal?



     I am facing an obstacle in creating a db that I need insight to overcome.  The bottom line is implementing a many-to-many relationship.  Any help is appreciated.


     I partner with others in various business investments.  I want to keep track of those investments and partners.  In doing so, there is a many-to-many relationship as one partner an be associated with more than one investment and one investment has more than one partner.


     From a functionality point of view, within the investment record, I want to be able to (1) add a new partner as well as (2) identify already existing partners to the investment.  How do i do that?


     I am willing to forgo requirement #1 of adding a new partner via the investment record and do that all through managing the partner table.  However, I still get stuck with requirement #2. 


     I think I know how I would do it if only one partner was the limit per investment via a lookup.  However, it is the multiple partners that throws me off.  I can't see how I can do a lookup for more than one partner and I don't see how I identify multiple partners from a portal.


     Does anyone have any insight or can point me to a existing template that has a similar scenario?


     I thought that the Invoices example db would be of help where a product on the invoice can be either a new product or an existing product and one has multiple products per invoice, but I was unable to understand how it was setup.


     I am new to developing in Filemaker and consider myself an high intermediate user with Access as I've created dbs (for myself) that have many-to-many relationships.  And as a last point, I admit that I still don't understand the flexibility offered by  Filemaker's multiple table occurrences.  To me, I create one model for all related tables for the db.


     Thanks in advance.