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Lookup problem - changing data in looked up field alters it in the lookup database

Question asked by VincentAngeloni on Jun 14, 2015
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Lookup problem - changing data in looked up field alters it in the lookup database


OK, I am trying to make a little database to write letters to patients, some of which can be handled by a standard template. I created a database for the patient information called "Medical letters" with a "match field" called 'pt template' and the lookup field is "body" (for the body of the letter). The second database is called "Patient Letter Templates" and it contains the match field 'pt template' and the 'body' field which will hold the text that I want to be sent via a lookup. It should be a lookup, because I may need to alter the body field with a few unique details for every case and I don't want that going back and messing up the template text. 

In the managing relationships dialog, I related these fields.

Medical letters::pt template  = Patient Letter templates::pt template

In that same dialog, I double clicked on the schematic equal sign and get a dialog where I click off "allow changes in this database from the other database" on BOTH sides.

Then I go to "Fields", click "Lookup" and set the lookup to look at 'pt templates' for the match, and if they do match, to place data from the "Patient Letter templates::Body" field into the Medical letters::body field. When I enter a matching value in the match field, the data lookup works just fine, but if I alter it (as I might have to add some details which are unique to that patient), any changes I make are altering the original template in the Patient Letters templates database. How the heck do I prevent this, or what am I setting up incorrectly? What did I miss?   Thanks in advance...