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lookup problems

Question asked by HarryFisher on Apr 11, 2014
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lookup problems


     I am a new user of File maker 12 pro but I am a user of MS Access

     I have imported some data from a spray database

     The 450 products are split into chemical groups.

     When placing an order I have generated a line item table which allows me to select a chemical from the product list.

     I would like the chemical group to be auto entered as  I would like to group line items by chemical groups monthly.

     I do not seem to be able to relate the line items to chemical groups automatically.

     Using Access I did this using queries.

     Should I do this using a look up field (I have tried this for several days without success) and if so where to set it up

     I enclose a screen shot of the relationships.  

     Can you see any problem


     Thanks H