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Question asked by ennencs on Sep 7, 2011
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I admit my ignorance as I am new to Filemaker, so bear with me.  I am creating a Filemaker database from a Salesforce database that my client wants to stop using.  I have made lot of progress but now have some questions.

I have table ("Case") that is related to another table ("Individuals") via another table ("Character Role").

This was setup because one person may be related to several cases and be in different roles (e.g., defense counsel in one case and plaintiff in another).  I am trying to create a calculated field in the main "case" table that looks up the name of a person that has a certain role in the case.  As an example, if "Jane Doe" is the individual and "Mother" is her role, I want to have another field that lists her name.

The client wants a "case name" field that is a combination of several fields. I know how to do that with non-related fields, but this is stumping me.  Any help would be appreciated!