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Question asked by VincentCapone on Apr 9, 2014
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     I have a simple database with 3 tables.  The table "Customer" holds our customer database with company name, phone, account #, etc.  I am trying to pull customer information into the "Dispatch Database" via lookups.  I want it to work where it will pull the company info in if you know either the customer account #, or the phone number.  It all works well except the lookup of the phone number if you put the account # in, and the Account number if you put the phone number in.  I get caught in a loop where If you make a mistake and pull the wrong account over, you cannot re-enter the acct# or phone number because it will keep pulling the same account over since you can't erase both Acct# and phone# at the same time.

     See attached image.  - Phone number lookup is from "customer 2" table, and account# is from "customer".

     Is there another way to use either / or field to pull the info?