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Question asked by sccardais on Mar 8, 2015
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I want to copy the value of a calculated field (ID_CurrentOwner) in table LOTS to field ID_Seller in table TRANSACTIONS when a new transaction is created.

LOTS and TRANSACTIONS are related on ID_LOT.

A layout based on LOTS has a portal showing data from TRANSACTIONS based on ID_LOT.  When I create a new Transaction, I want to populate ID_Seller in TRANSACTIONS with ID_CurrentOwner from LOTS.

The ID_Seller should be static. The transaction is a point in time and the seller ID will always be the same so this needs to be a Lookup or copy.

I'm not having any luck making Lookup work. I defined ID_Seller in TRANSACTION as a Lookup based on this relationship between LOTS and TRANSACTIONS but that isn't working.

Using FMPA 13