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Question asked by cheathamtech on Dec 7, 2009
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Here's the simplified scenario to help you understand my question: 

Our system has a dozen sites that submit tech requests.

We have four techs who answer those tech requests.

USUALLY, each tech has four sites that he deals with.


So...  I created  table for techs with their names, contacts, etc., and used a code for each site:  (Example: Tech 1 has sites 001, 002, 003.)


On the tech request layout, when a user enters his site code (say 001), I have Filemaker lookup which tech is associated with that site, then automatically fill in his e-mail, phone number, name, etc.


Here's the problem/question:


On those occasions when a different tech deals with a problem at a building not usually associated with him and the user changes the tech code from 001 to 002, then Tech 001's info stays in the fields...  I want it to automatically change the tech info to match the correct number.  


Hope this is a clear explanation of my error...

Thanks for any insight you might offer...


R. Dale