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lookup table

Question asked by PhilShaffer on Sep 21, 2014
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lookup table


I am stumped 

In each record, I have multiple fields, call them Field 1, Field 2, and field 3.

I need to put a value in another field based on the values in these fields :

Field 1 = 4, then Field A should contain 1.05

Field 2 = 8, then field B should contain 1.50


In a spreadsheet, this is a simple lookup table, of course

(There are 90 possible values for Field 1..... 18, each with a unique value that Field A....ZZ should contain.)

I could, I suppose create 90 new fields, essentially the lookup table, in each record, but that is way too ugly. 

I tried the function "lookup", but that is only for related records, 

I tried creating a new table with 90 records, 1...90, and tried the function GetNthRecord, but got null results in the calculation for some reason I don't understand. 


Is there an elegant solution for this?