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Lookup two variables - FMPro 6 - having a mental block

Question asked by AmyFrady on Feb 14, 2011
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Lookup two variables - FMPro 6 - having a mental block


I'm trying to add capabilities to an old relational database in Filemaker 6 (PC) and I've got brain-block on what should be a common procedure.

I'm trying to lookup the US Postal Service Priority Mail postage rate based on two variables: weight of the package, and the postal zone of the shipment. I've created a separate Priority Mail.fp5 database that consists of:

Record ID     Weight    Zone 1    Zone 2    Zone 3    etc.

1                  1           $4.80      $4.85      $4.95     ...

2                  2           $4.90      $4.99      $5.38     ...


... up to 70 pounds. I imported the data from the USPS website at

So there are 70 records.

The Order Entry database contains a field called Calculated Package Weight which is an integer weight in pounds. It also contains a field called Postal Zone which is a number from 1-8.

I've created a relationship in the Order Entry database thus:

Order Entry.fp5::Calculated Shipping Weight = PriorityMail.fp5::Weight

and that's where I'm having "Coder's Block."  How do I grab the correct zone from the Priority Mail rate datebase that I've made? I thought I'd have an epiphany this weekend and shout "Eureka!" but it didn't happen. SO here I sit staring at my screen and thumbing through the FMP User Guide.

Could some kind soul point me in the right direction? I think I must be taking a wrong approach. :(