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Lookup using data from three tables

Question asked by tomo17 on Aug 10, 2011
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Lookup using data from three tables


I am trying to get a layout to autofill a field based on a place that is achieved.  I have three tables

Table 1 Event Information              Fields include - Event, Location, Age Group, DIVISION

Table 2 Event Results entry            Fields include - Name, Place, Time, House, PlaceCode, Points

Table 3 Points standards                Fields include - Division, Place, PointsCode, POINTS

A layout is based on the Event Information with an event entry portal.  Divisions are A,B,C or relay;PlaceCode and PointsCode are calculations from Division and Place and the Points are predetermined in the Points standard table. The tables are linked by PlaceCode and PointsCode


At the moment when i enter the place in the event entry portal i do not get the correct corresponding points from the Points standard table. The PlaceCode is correct and matches what is in the Point standard table but does not bring across the points.


Hope this makes sense.