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            I'm not sure if this is a lookup that I want or what the proper term is but I'll try to explain. 

           I have a table with staff information on it, names, staff number, location, phone, etc.  It also stores their login information for the database. 

           I have another table which records various staff activity and have created the layout to enter this info. 

           What I would like to do is when they click the button that brings them to th staff activity layout I would like it to bring them to a page to enter information for themself and bring their details up which show at the top of the page (Name, staff no, location). 

           How do I get the layout to go to their page?  I'm just not sure how to get it to look for the record (person) who is logged in and bring up the page with the correct info. 

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               If by "log in information" you mean that you have a text field that stores the user's account name, you can use one or both of these methods:

               Perform a find using Get ( AccountName ) to specify the find criteria:

               Go to Layout [staff ( Staff ) ]
               Enter Find Mode [] --> clear the pause check box
               Set Field [Staff::AccountName ; Get ( AccountName ) ]
               Perform Find []

               Use a relationship.

               Define an unstored calculation field, cAccountName as:

               Get ( AccountName )

               and select "text" as the return type.

               Then this relationship:

               Table::cAccountName = Staff::AccountName

               will allow you to set up a layout based on Table, and you can add fields from Staff --such as to the layout header to show info from the staff table for the current user.