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Question asked by GHM on Nov 23, 2008
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I have a file with a client table and a related multipurpose table (to facilitate the design of reports for printing and viewing) to store items such as material and its associated code, labour and its associated code etc. In this table are fields called "item" and "code" amongst others.


There are data entry portals linked to "table occurrences" of the multipurpose table, one for material, one for labour etc. In the material portal, the "item" field is filled from a drop down list from a table containing a list of material and its associated code. The "code" field is filled via a lookup into the same table.


Similarly, in the labour portal the "item" field is filled from a drop down list from a separate table containing a list of labour and its associated code.


My problem is that FM will not "allow" the code field to be filled via a lookup for this portal. I can change it so that it does but then the material portal lookup does not work. I can get the correct code to "display" in the portal via the value list options (I think) but this does not store/save/enter the code into the multipurpose table. This becomes an issue when wanting to do reports/print based on information in the multipurpose table...


Any suggestions?