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    lookups and Instant Web Publishing



      lookups and Instant Web Publishing


      My co-workers access my database through Instant Web Publishing.  I have forms where when Field A is filled out; Field B is completed via a lookup.  The lookup works fine when I use Filemaker directly but not when IWP is used.  I thought it was because, when working in IWP, until "submit" is clicked (or a script is run that has a Commit Records step) Filemaker doesn't know what is in Field A, however, after telling my co-worker to click "submit" after filling in Field A and then to go back into data entry mode, Field B remained empty. When I opened the record later using Filemaker directly Field B was still empty, though I was able to fill it via lookup by re-entering Field A.  (Incidentally, I do use portals in many cases, but occasionally a look-up is simpler - though only if it works).


      I tried to find information on this in the Instant Web Publishing PDF but I didn't see it.  Do lookups work in IWP? Am I missing something in the submit process that would make this work in IWP?

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          Is the table that field B is looked up from in a different file?

          There is a KnowledgeBase article 6179 that states:


          Lookups are not Executed Between Two Separate Files in IWP


          Why doesn't Lookup fields populate with lookup data from a separate file in IWP?



          Lookups do not work properly in Instant Web Publishing (IWP) with multi-file solutions.

          To resolve this issue:

          1. With the database open, choose File menu > Define > Database.
          2. In the Define Database dialog box, click the Fields tab.
          3. Double click on the lookup field.
          4. In the Options for Field dialog box, click the Auto-Enter tab, check the checkbox at the bottom that states Prohibit modification of value during auto entry.

          The lookups will now work in IWP. The only draw back with this workaround is that the fields will be unmodifiable. If its necessary for the user to edit these fields a second group of fields will have to be created to act as submission fields. Create a new layout with these fields for data entry. Use a script to set the lookup fields to the data in the entry fields.

          Note: that a lookup field will only be updated via IWP after you click on the "Submit" button to commit the record.


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               No, all the tables are in the same file.
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              As I said in my earlier reply, the tables are all in the same file, so the solution given for them being in different files isn't relevant. The lookups just aren't functional through IWP, even though the tables are in the same file.


              I am now considering creating a multi-file database, so I tried to find "Define" under the File menu per the suggestion, but I couldn't (I'm running Filemaker Pro 9.0v3).  I also wasn't able to find it under Preferences or File Options or a variety of other places.  


              Any other suggestions would be appreciated!



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                With FileMaker Pro 9, under the File menu, "Define" was replaced with "Manage".  Therefore, go into "Manage -> Database", click the Fields tab, double-click the lookup field, click the Auto-Enter tab and check the option at the bottom to prohibit modification of value during auto entry.



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                       So I followed these directions as was able to get lookups to work in IWP but is this the only way?  I have to prohibit the entry of data into fields?  So it's either look it up or nothing at all?  Is there any sort of work around because I still would like for my clients to have the option of typing the data in.