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lookups and Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by keswick on Oct 31, 2008
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lookups and Instant Web Publishing


My co-workers access my database through Instant Web Publishing.  I have forms where when Field A is filled out; Field B is completed via a lookup.  The lookup works fine when I use Filemaker directly but not when IWP is used.  I thought it was because, when working in IWP, until "submit" is clicked (or a script is run that has a Commit Records step) Filemaker doesn't know what is in Field A, however, after telling my co-worker to click "submit" after filling in Field A and then to go back into data entry mode, Field B remained empty. When I opened the record later using Filemaker directly Field B was still empty, though I was able to fill it via lookup by re-entering Field A.  (Incidentally, I do use portals in many cases, but occasionally a look-up is simpler - though only if it works).


I tried to find information on this in the Instant Web Publishing PDF but I didn't see it.  Do lookups work in IWP? Am I missing something in the submit process that would make this work in IWP?