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Lookups between 2 tables in same file

Question asked by screenname70 on Sep 1, 2009
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Lookups between 2 tables in same file


In one table I have a field for a word, and then calc fields that break the word down into single letters in each field.  In a second table I have values assigned to each letter that I want the first table to lookup from.  It's not working.  I've created a relationship between the two tables based on the "letter" field - all the  calc letter fields in the first table to the one letter field in the second table.  I'm expecting the appropriate value in the "value" field in the second table to come over to the first table when I type a word into the first table and the calc fields auto-enter the individual letters into the letter fields, but it's not happening.  Why?  The all letter fields are text, all the value fields are numeric.  I used to use FM daily in my work years ago so I understand calculations and lookups and relational databases; what am I doing wrong?