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Lookups do nothing

Question asked by daviator on Apr 15, 2011
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Lookups do nothing


I know this has been explained many times but I'm still very confused. I cannot for the life of me get lookups to do ANYTHING.

I have 1 database containing 3 tables:

Table 2: EVENTS (that occur at the Accounts)
Table 3: MASTER TRACKING (contains records of things shipped accounts and usually "related" to Events. )

Tables 1 and 2 are already populated using imported Spreadsheets.
Each record in ACCOUNTS has a unique ACCOUNT ID record.
Table MASTER TRACKING is currently empty.

I have created a relationship between ACCOUNTS and EVENTS using the ACCOUNT ID.
I have created a relationship between EVENTS and MASTER TRACKING using the SAME ACCOUNT ID. (I have set the relationship to "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" on the MASTER TRACKING side.

What I want to do is the following:
Have records AUTO CREATED in MASTER TRACKING using lookup fields. NAME, INVOICE #, etc.  from the EVENTS table.

I have created the lookup fields but nothing happens. How do I have FileMaker auto-create records based on the relationships/lookups?

I have tried all of the tutorials I can find but none seem to do anything.