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Lookups problems making Access look easy!

Question asked by LeoB on Dec 19, 2009
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Lookups problems making Access look easy!


I am trialing FileMaker to replace Access 2007, primarily because Access 2007 removed all the user access control features, which are needed as the database is operated off a single PC by many people.


There are many things in FileMaker that are easier to do, but so far lookups have been a disaster.  In two days of fiddling I have yet to get one lookup to work.  The FileMaker documentation/help functions are absolutely useless.


Does anybody know of a good tutorial somewhere on setting up lookups?  All I want is for set of tables (six of them) to retrieve names of places and people from three other tables.  This is not rocket science, but no matter how I set relationships nothing seems to work.


If setting up lookups is so difficult, I wonder what horrors are in store in creating reports.