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    Lookups trouble



      Lookups trouble


      When I configure a Layout lookup to grab values from another table, and I choose to have it display two fields instead of just the first one, it still seems to insert both values in the field that has the lookup assigned to it. This happens in spite of what I read here in the FMPro 9 Advanced help:


      " Note  During data entry, a value list that displays values from two fields still only enters data from the first field specified in step 6. The second field in the value list is for display only, and its value is not entered into any field."


      I'm obviously missing something here.

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          Hi ralvy,


          I think you are asking about Pop-up / Drop-down menus with a value list.


          Assuming its a pop-up menu you are trying to create the value populated should only be that of the first field you have selected in the Value List edit dialog. 


          The only real way to know where issue may be is to see how you have setup the value list, I have attached a snapshot of one that will only display the value from the Text field but populate with the value form the first field __UniqueID.



          Compare this to yours and let us know if you manage to fix the issue.



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               When I do what you describe, it populates with the value of the second field. If I uncheck "Show values only from second field" it will populate values from both fields, placing them both in the lookup field (concatentated).
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              Hi ralvy


              Is your field set to be a Pop-up Menu? If so create a copy of the field on the layout and change it to a standard text field and see what the value is.


              When using a Pop-up menu, the value will always display as the value selected in the menu, however the underline value of the field should be that of the first field.

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                   Well, that certainly is what's happening. I was hoping that the PopUp field would display only the first field after selecting the item from popup menu. I guess I could just narrow the size of that field so that the second field isn't seen. Is that what you do?
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                     What I was hoping to do was offer the user a lookup list they could navigate by typing instead of just scrolling. That is, when they see the lookup list, the type a few characters to get close to the item needed. I don't see such a lookup capability in FMP 9.
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                    You could try using a Drop-Down List instead, this will display the value from the First field when the field is not active, but show the second, or both, when making your selection. Plus you can the added ability to type the first few characters of the second fields value and pop to that value.



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                         The trouble with the DropDown is that it allows the user to enter data that's not in the list. The PopUp Menu didn't allow that.
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                        What you could do here then is go with the Drop-down list and use Validation on the field.


                        In define fields, clicking the Options button on the required field, you can specify the field to only allow values from a specific Value List. To do this



                        • Highlight your field, Click Options and the Field Options dialog will pop-up
                        • Select the Validation tab
                        • Tick the box for "Member of value list" and then in the pop-up list next to the select your Value List.
                        • You can also include a custom message the user will see if they try to type in anything other than the value in the list.
                        • Also untick Allow user to override during data entry
                        • Click OK



                        So if a user types anything in the field that is not in the value list they will not be able to commit that record.


                        Would this solve it? 

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                             Thanks for taking the time on this, Orlando. This is now what I was looking for.
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                               Not a problem, glad I could help.