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    Loop exiting early



      Loop exiting early


      Hi all,


      I have a loop set up, that is performing another script.  The loop is set to exit when a variable reaches a certain value.  The variable is increased by 1 inside of the script that is performed by the loop.  My problem is that the loop is exiting early.   Here is a copy of the necessary code :


      Main Script(Loop Portion)



             Exit Loop If[$$NewDate >= NewEndDate

             Perform Script["AddNewVacationInfo QCG"]

      End Loop

      do some stuff


      AddNewVacation QCG(just the important stuff)


      Set Variable[$a; Value: 1]


            If[$a = $Day]

                   do some stuff

                   Set Variable[$$NewDate; Value: $$NewDate + 1]

                   Exit Script []

            End If

            Set Variable[$a; Value: $a + 1]

      End Loop




      To be more specific, the loop is ending when $$NewDate is 4 and $$NewEndDate is 31.  I know that these are the values, as I am watching them via the script debugger. Clearly, 4 is not greater than or equal to 31..  so my loop shouldn't be exiting.    Any ideas?




      J Wegner

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             Could you post both of the full sripts?
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            Check each instance of the variable $$NewEndDate in your script. If one of these is misspelled then you might have a situation where you think you typed in $$NewEndDate and really typed something else. That might cause the following expression:


            $$NewDate >= $$NewEndDate


            to evaluate as 4 >= /*no value */


            which would cause your loop to exit.


            In your post, you posted the exit Loop step as "Exit Loop If[$$NewDate >= NewEndDate" If that's how it looks in your script then NewEndDate is not the same thing as $$NewEndDate and that might explain things.

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              I would, but each script is 50+ steps..  As far as I know there is no way to copy a script to a text format?  If there is let me know.


              Is there something that you would be looking for that I can look for? 




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                   I caught that too, but I think it was a typo. Otherwise, one would get an error as it wouldnt represent a field or variable.
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                     Print to PDF and then copy paste.
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                    Since you have FMP advanced, you can generate a database design report and copy the script from there.


                    Mr. Vodka, I agree on the "typo in original post", but it does suggest one explanation which is a mistyped (but still correct format) variable name.


                    $NewEndDate or $$NewEndDat


                    Would be two possible examples.



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                      Ok, here is the paste of the code.  I put them at pastebin to avoid the really long post.


                      AddNewVacation QCG(Contains the main loop) ---   http://pastebin.com/m202ea82f


                      AddFromVacInfo QCG --- http://pastebin.com/m6d83f1bb


                      Thanks for all your help!!!


                      EDIT:  Sorry for the poor formatting on pastebin.  It handles most characters, but apparently not greater than/equal to..  Everywhere that is says &#8805  should be >=

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                        Some indenting would have made the code easier to read also. :smileywink:


                        A visual scan of your code didn't show anything obvious.


                        Your code suggests that you may have a less than optimum database design. If you were to modify your table structure to use a related table of days instead of dedicated fields within the same record, you could probably create a much simpler script and this simpler script would be easier to debug, analyze and maintain.

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                          Sorry for the lack of indenting.  Just copy and pasted it from the database design report.  I'll put some indentation in there in a minute.


                          Here's a picture of really what's confusing me.




                          My debugger is showing me that $$NewDate = 4,  $$NewEndDate = 31, and $$NewDate >= $$NewEndDate is True.


                          This same set of variables holds true before the exit loop step, during the exit loop step, and after the exit loop step.


                          I just can not find any logical reasoning for why I would be getting this error.

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                            I think I've got it. Is it possible that the field you are using to assign a value to $$NewEndDate is a text field?


                            Using a text based comparison, "4" >= "31" is true.


                            Try enclosing the field in a getasNumber function:


                            GetAsNumber( Office Files QCG::NewVac EndDate )

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                              I'm home from work at this point, and won't be able to access the database to verify if that field is text or number.  It should be number, but I may have accidentaly (stupidly) made it as text.  That seems to be the best solution that I can develop, being that the only other solution I have is FileMaker is broken :P


                              Just a quick question..  Does FileMaker use ascii values to compare textual values to numerical values?  Doesn't change the correctness of this solution; I'd just like to know for further reference. 


                              UPDATE : It worked!  Silly me, I was moving too quick and made that field a text, instead of a number!  Script runs fine.  Thanks everyone so much for your help!