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Loop issues

Question asked by jonathanguez on Apr 16, 2013
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Loop issues



     Iam using filemaker via ApparelMagic (ERP software)

     I am trying to create a script that will do the following

     Get a list of specific Invoice that will then be saved as PDF and then email 

     Unfortunately i believe something is wrong with my loop...

     So first i send it to a layout to perform a manual search (pause) then

     it should change layout go to preview mode and then generate a pdf from there

     no pb so far.

     then I send the scipt back to the original layout to move thru each record in the current found set and i tell him to repeat the procedure via a loop appending it to the previously created pdf.

     but it keeps thinking and thinking until i have to forcequit..

     attached is a screen shot of my script

     let me know what is wrong there please