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Loop not moving onto next record

Question asked by VictorWarner on May 24, 2015
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Loop not moving onto next record


I am new to Filemaker and trying out FileMaker 14. I have created a table (FirstTable) and then a find set which contains 3 records. 

I wish to take the contents of some of the fields from each record of the found set and put them into another table (SecondTable). 

I created a loop and it works in that it creates 3 records (as it should) and places the contents of the fields from the FirstTable into the SecondTable. However the loop does not move beyond the first record FirstTable. It creates 3 records in the SecondTable, all being the first record in the FirstTable. 

Go to Layout [ “MAIN” (MAIN) ]

View As [ View as Table ]

Set Zoom Level [ 150% ]

Set Variable [ $TrackName; Value:MAIN::Track Name Portal Track name ]

Set Variable [ $Composer; Value:MAIN::Composer last name ]

Set Variable [ $Recordname; Value:MAIN::Record name ]

Set Variable [ $TrackNumber; Value:MAIN::CD Track No 1 ]

Set Variable [ $Performer; Value:MAIN::Performers ]

Set Variable [ $FullNameComposer; Value:MAIN::Composers first last name ]

Set Variable [ $CDNumber; Value:MAIN::CD No ]

Set Variable [ $Year; Value:MAIN::Year of recording ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]


Go to Layout [ “export” (export) ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ export::Track name; $TrackName ]

Set Field [ export::composer; $Composer ]

Set Field [ export::Record name; $Recordname ]

Set Field [ export::Track number; $TrackNumber ]

Set Field [ export::Performer; $Performer ]

Set Field [ export::full name of compoer; $FullNameComposer ]

Set Field [ export::CD Number; $CDNumber ]

Set Field [ export::Year; $Year ]

Go to Layout [ “MAIN” (MAIN) ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ]

End Loop

Go to Layout [ “export” (export) ] 

 Any help with this would be gratefully received.