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Loop problem

Question asked by NilsMortenAlexandersen on Dec 5, 2012
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Loop problem


     I am trying to achieve the following  (in FMP10)


     My database has a section for workshifts, that include Year, Week, Date Start and Date End fields

     PhilModJunk has kindly supplied me with a script that auto creates all posts for a year, with auto entry of Year and Week numbers. I also need a way to "Auto Create" the Date Start and Date End fields, to minimize manual typing.

     Date start is the start of the work week (Monday) . Date End is the last day of the week (Sunday). The Date End field is auto updated with  "Date Start + 6"

     I am trying to make a script that fills in the dates for me, with the following condition: I spesify the start Date Start field of week 1 manually. The date for next week is then the manually entered date + 7

     The DB also has a DATE TEMP field, that is global, used for copy and paste.

     The script is "kind of working" except that i get the entry of 07.01.0001 in every Date Start  field ... so I must be doing something wrong :-)

     Hope someone can help me


     Cheers Nils ...