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Loop Sript that tuns via portal

Question asked by applelakshan1 on May 19, 2013
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Loop Sript that tuns via portal


     Hello experts, 
     I have solution that included 3 tables, 01 Contact,  02. email Camp, 03. email camp users 


     01. All the Contatcs 
     02. All the emai camps 

     03. All the users on specifc email camp 

     **How it works on the email camp layout, user can see 2 portals, 

     01.  portal shows contacts  (portal a)
     02. portal that shows the selected contacts to that email camp (portal b)

     Now i have created script that copy the contact  from portal a  to portal b (each portal row have button to run the script),  that works without any problems, but once i have more than 50  clients on portal  a that will be time consuming job to run the script manually for each client.

     instad of that i want to loop script that add all the records on the found set of  portal a 

     The Problem 
     When i run the script that i have written, its always copy the first record on portal A and it does not  go to the 2nd record of the on portal a.  

     I want to run the script and it copy all the list in to portal b from portal a and exit loop after the last record on found set.

     Thanks in Advance for your help.