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    Loop Step



      Loop Step


       My aim: perform a script that could give me a series of number combinations under some conditions.

      My problem: I do not knowin advancehow many combinationsI will get.

      Say I have 12 numbers to arrange in x combinations of 5 numbers each.

      How can Ipredict the number ofcombinationsto createthe required repeating fields?
      Let's suppose 12 numbers in combinations of 5 numbers totaling 200 combinations.
      The loop step makes the 200 combinations - but I want to put them in the Browser and for that I need the appropriate number of fields: 5 fields x "n" times. (200, in my example)
      If I want 15 numbers, the number of combinations will be higher.
      Each time I will use the Script, the combinations obtained will depend on the number of numbers that I want to combine.
      So, I do not know in advance how many combinations I will get and consequently I do not know the number of REPEATING fields I will need.
      The script do the repeating automatically?
      Thank you for your clarification.