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Loop, works on Mac but not on Windows

Question asked by Mitch on Feb 22, 2011
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Loop, works on Mac but not on Windows



I have a simple loop at the end of a import script.  

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If [not Is Empty (Main_Page::Field_A)]

Set Variable [$Field_A_Data; Value:Main_Page::Field_A]

Set Field [Main_Page::Field_B; $Field_A_Data]

End if

Go to Record [Next; Exit after last]

End Loop


The entire import script, including the loop function works on Mac.  When using windows, the import script works but the loop function does not.  Not data is copied fro, Field_A to Field_B.


I have tried different ways of copying the data from Field_A to Field_B within the loop including:


Set Field [Main_Page::Field_B; Main_Page::Field_A]


but still no joy.



Mac OSX Snow Leopard - FMP Adv 11 v3 Update

Windows Vista - FMP Adv 11 v3 Update